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Atari 2600 CX-40 Joystick Controller

(Atari - 1977)

Atari 2600 CX-40 Joystick Controller
The most unmistakable accessory for the Atari 2600 is the iconic CX-40 Joystick controller that was the avatar of the Atari 2600 VCS gaming console. It's is the most recognizable joystick of the era, even more so than the Commodore VIC-1311 joystick at the time.
The trademark square black body with the black stick and single red button was built for just one purpose, arcade action style fun. I doubt there is a person who grew up in the 1970s and 1980s that wouldn't recognize this joystick controller in a heartbeat.
The CX-40 was built like a tank with reliable contact switches for it's directional control and connected via a standard 9-pin sub-D connector.
You could connect two CX-40 Joysticks to the Atari 2600's two joystick ports to play multiplayer games and challenge your friends to epic 8-bit battles!

Specifications for the Atari 2600 CX-40 Joystick

Basic specifications for the Atari 2600 CX-40 joystick controller are listed below.
Original Price:
US $14.95
9-pin sub-D connector
3-1/2"(89mm)L x 3-1/2"(89mm)W x 4-3/8"(110mm)H

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Atari CX-40 Joystick
jboypacman | Feb 22, 2010 9:12am
How many of these CX-40 joysticks did i have as a kid? To be honest with you i have no ideal but it just seemed like i always had a spare one or two around the house when i need was almost like we had a factory in my bedroom closet making these lol. But serious this is the classic controller all of us "Atarians" know and love and it just so simple but solid in its design that you could not/can not go wrong with it...I always say to the younger gamers i know when they look at the CX-40 and laugh "One Button will Do" and they can keep there 12 button controllers i like my 2600 one better.
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