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Gameplay for the Frogger Coleco Tabletop Arcade

(Coleco - 1982)
Frogger Tabletop Arcade VFD ScreenThis is the most surprising unit in the Coleco tabletop arcade line, the game play for this tabletop Frogger game is as close to the original arcade game as you can get. It is fast paced and exciting, the small VFD color screen features the same roadway with cars and river with logs and turtles that you must navigate safely.
Just as in the original arcade game, Frogger you must carefully hop your frog across the road, avoiding a squishy by becoming someone's hood ornament. Once you have made it across the road, you then must hop onto turtles and logs to a safe lilypad on the other side of the river.
Unlike the other titles in this game series, movement is a is a breeze since it is exactly how it was in the arcade. You move only one space for each time you move the joystick. So if you want to move to the left two spaces you must push the joystick left twice.
I think they managed to utilize ever inch of the tiny screen to make the game feel as though you are not playing in such a confined space.
I played this game for a bit and was quite happy with it, but after a while you do get bored doing the same thing over and over. Even so, you could sink hours into this little game. The faithfulness to the original game should be praised. So overall, in my opinion I give this game a solid 9-10 for playability.
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