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Ms Pac Man Coleco Tabletop Arcade - Model 2395

(Coleco - 1981)

Ms Pac Man Tabletop Arcade - Front
This nifty looking mini arcade cabinet houses a faithful version of one of the most recognizable arcade games of all time, Ms Pac Man. The egg shaped joysticks are easily manipulated and are responsive and auto center quickly. The little multi-color VFD screen (vacuum fluorescent display) is vivid and bright, but is still large enough to show the action without feeling cramped. The cabinet is constructed of sturdy plastic.
One of the most common problems with this Ms PacMan game is that the stickers are prone to "glue bleed". The glue that was used to adhere the stickers to the cabinet bleeds through over time, giving the decals a mottled look. It is a rare thing to find one that has stickers in mint condition.
Ms Pac Man Tabletop Arcade - Bottom
The battery compartment below this electronic game unit is easily lost, and has a mini set of instructions adhered to it. It holds four C cell batteries or Coleco's optional Perma Power AC power adapter.

Specifications for the Ms Pac Man Tabletop Arcade

Basic specifications for the Ms Pac Man Coleco Tabletop Arcade handheld electronic game are listed below.
Release date:
Original Price:
US $54.95
(4) alkaline C cell batteries
6.5"W(165mm) x 8"D(203mm) x 8"H(203mm)
Screen Type:
Screen Size:
1-1/2"W (38mm) x 2"H (51mm)

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Ms Pac-Man
VFD King | Feb 10, 2010 6:03pm
One of the things I like most about Ms Pac Man is the fact that you can encourage her to go faster by tapping the joystick. This comes in handy to capture those pesky ghosts. They say that this game is the rarest of all the tabletop games produced by Coleco. I believe this may be due in part to the fact that they were played more and wore out faster. Tapping on the joystick repeatedly will cause the contacts to wear more over time on the joysticks. I have both Pac-Man and Ms Pac-Man and I can tell you that Ms Pac-Man needs batteries changed quite more often. The sound is better and the speed of play is faster. I also enjoy the fruit option which was left out of the original Pac-Man tabletop version completely. Now I am different when it comes to the controls. Most people prefered Ms Pac-Man also because the main control joystick was on the right instead of the left. I am left handed so I didn't mind the way it was. Majority rules so many people liked this game and the parents ears were spared the horrible droning noise the original Pac-Man produced. One other comment about this game. The decals I have noticed are far more likely to "glue bleed" on the Original Pac-Man compared to the Ms Pac-Man. Especially the white front Pac-Man decal. Almost all of them have "glue bleed" spots all over it. I continue to play my games to this day. I figure if they were durable enough to survive my childhood then they should hold up just fine being played on occassion at almost 30 years of age.
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