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Gameplay for the Zaxxon Coleco Tabletop Arcade

(Coleco - 1982)
Zaxxon Tabletop Arcade VFD ScreenThis is an awesome adaptation Zaxxon and is unique among the Coleco tabletop arcade line, the game play for is strikingly close to the original arcade game. It is fast paced and exciting, the small dual VFD color screen features the same fortresses and space screens as you would expect from Zaxxon.
Just as in the original arcade game, Zaxxon you must fly through the fortress on an astroid, avoiding walls and enemy tanks and gun batteries. You can shoot at the enemy with either the left or right fire buttons. Once you have successfully made it through the fortress you go out into open space to battle enemy fighters. Until you get to the boss and battle for your life.
Unlike most of the other titles in the Coleco Tabletop game series, movement is a is a breeze since it is exactly how it was in the arcade. You are constantly moving forward and you must go up, down, left or right to avoid obstacles and enemies.
The clever use of the dual overlapping screens to give the unique 3D feel to this game, gives you the sense that you are not playing in such a confined space and just adds a new dimension to the game-play.
I was absorbed by this game for hours and must say that I am quite happy with it, the side scrolling keeps the action moving along and the varied play fields keep you from getting bored. The faithfulness to the original game should be noted and approved by any video game connoisseur. So overall, in my opinion, I give this game a solid 8-10 for playability.
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