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Zaxxon Coleco Tabletop Arcade - Model 2396

(Coleco - 1982)

Zaxxon Tabletop Arcade - Front
This great little mini arcade shaped cabinet holds an extremely playable version of the arcade smash, Zaxxon. The joystick varies from the other games in the Coleco Tabletop series and is shaped just like the joystick on the original Zaxxon arcade game. The joystick is easily manipulated and is responsive and auto centers quickly. You can use either the left or right fire button which makes it great for left and right handed players. The small dual multi-color VFD screens (vacuum fluorescent display) are vivid and bright and give a 3D feel, but are still big enough to show the action without feeling cramped. The cabinet is constructed of sturdy plastic.
Just like the other Coleco Tabletop arcade units, this Zaxxon game suffers from "glue bleed" as the glue that was used to hold the stickers to the cabinet bleeds through over time, giving the decals a spotted, mottled look. It is rare to find one of these Zaxxon units that has stickers in clean condition.
Zaxxon Tabletop Arcade - Bottom
Unfortunately, the battery cover under the unit is lost pretty easily, so make sure this cover is intact when purchasing one of these. the battery cover has a mini set of instructions adhered to it. It holds four C cell batteries or Coleco's optional Perma Power AC power adapter.

Specifications for the Zaxxon Tabletop Arcade

Basic specifications for the Zaxxon Coleco Tabletop Arcade handheld electronic game are listed below.
Release date:
Original Price:
US $54.95
(4) alkaline C cell batteries
6.5"W(165mm) x 8"D(203mm) x 8"H(203mm)
Screen Type:
Screen Size:
1-1/2"W (38mm) x 2"H (51mm)

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Tomasrg | Mar 03, 2010 5:43am
I think this is one of the best Tabletop games exist. Is unic and different from the rest.
Zaxxon Coleco Tabletop
jboypacman | Feb 21, 2010 6:24am
I used to own one of these as a kid and i remember just being in love with it. I thought too myself "Wow its like i have a actual Zaxxon arcade machine right my house!" lol. I really didn't but it seemed like it at the time in my young mind due to the table top's shape and the graphics in it which were to me impressive(The giant blocky robot "boss" image still remains burned in my mind.
sardonyx | Jan 30, 2010 11:25pm
I recently scooped this up to add to my handheld collection. I love everything about it EXCEPT how very difficult it is! I can play for hours and still make very little progress... Do you eventually get to battle the robot? How can you tell what level the ships are when you are in free space?
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