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Zaxxon Coleco Tabletop Arcade

(Coleco - 1982)
Zaxxon Coleco Tabletop Electronic Arcade Game
Coleco came out with a line of mini versions of smash arcade hits in the early 1980s including this great little 3D Zaxxon tabletop game. These were neat scaled down versions of the popular stand up arcade games and were heavily advertised on TV and in magazines and catalogs everywhere. Those commercials are firmly planted into my memory.
Unlike the other units in the series, Zaxxon has TWO small VFD screens to give the game the familiar 3D feel of the original. The screens are bright and the sounds were crisp... the cool looking joystick is durable and responsive and a limited set of instructions were glued to the battery cover just in case you lost the manual.
Of all of the Coleco tabletop arcade series, I would have to say that Zaxxon is the most unique with it's three dimensional screen configuration and is the only horizontal screen in the series. it is pretty amazing how easy it is to sink hours into playing this game, as the gameplay cones quite close to the original. But sadly, these shrunk down dedicated systems were more of a novelty and not much competition for real home video game systems like the Vectrex home arcade, or the Atari systems.
I sincerely enjoy the mini arcade cabinet design and the playability of this version of Zaxxon is just about as good as the original. So if you want a great vintage conversation piece that can be tons of fun, this Coleco Zaxxon will do the job.
- Erik Schubach

My Zaxxon Coleco Tabletop Collection

These are the Coleco Zaxxon tabletop (handheld) arcade items that I currently have in my personal vintage technology collection. I am always open to sell or trade any of my duplicates. I am also looking for other Coleco Zaxxon items for my collection... see my wish list below.
Boxed Coleco Zaxxon Tabletop Arcade Game (x1)
Coleco Zaxxon Tabletop Arcade Game (x1)

Zaxxon Coleco Tabletop Items Wanted

I will buy your Zaxxon Coleco tabletop items. I will pay cash or trade you for the items listed below or anything you do not see in my personal collection listed above. CONTACT ME
Boxed or loose Coleco Zaxxon Tabletop Arcade Game
Coleco Zaxxon Tabletop Arcade Instruction Manual

Zaxxon Coleco Tabletop Items For Sale or Trade

These are the Zaxxon Coleco tabletop arcade items that I currently have for sale or trade from my personal vintage technology collection. CONTACT ME
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