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Telstar Arcade Game - Model 6071

(Coleco - 1977)

Telstar Arcade - Top View
This Coleco Telstar Arcade had a unique design and featured three distinct control panels.One for the pong, spinner style controls that played games like pong and tennis. One with a steering wheel and a gearshift for racing games, though it is worth mentioning that the games scrolled from side to side instead of top to bottom so the steering took some getting used to. And finally the target shooting control that featured a realistic looking light pistol.
Telstar Arcade - Cartridge Port Animation
The color game cartridges were different in both design and function, they did not slide into and lock into a slot, instead the back end of the triangular cartridge slid under a lip and pivoted down and snapped into place.
The problem with this type of surface contact is that the contacts needed to be cleaned regularly or your games would act sporadically.
The light pistol was quite realistic, it does not have the red barrel cap indicative of today to indicate clearly to police that it is indeed a toy. It worked by firing light at targets on your CRT television screen.
Telstar Arcade - Light Pistol
So all in all this unit provided more bang for your buck than any other pong system of the era and it is a great conversation piece when people are viewing your vintage game collection.

Specifications for the Telstar Arcade Game Console

Basic specifications for the Coleco Telstar Arcade game system are listed below.
Release date:
Original Price:
US $79.99
Built-in TV modulator
AC adapter Model 6041 with 9v DC 500mil output
18"W (457mm) x 15-1/2"D (394mm) x 5"H (127mm)

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Unique system
jay | Jan 04, 2014 5:37am
I got on for Christmas,probably around 78,I never got to see it in color thought,some jackwagon told my mother that video games would burn the screen on her color TV.So I had to play it on an old Zenith B&W portable.It worked well for the time,unfortunately my buddy and I got wrestling around it and the steering wheel got broken off the console.
i had one of these
ray88 | Jul 07, 2011 12:34am
i got one of these for xmass when i was a kid in the mid 70s, it worked for a bout 10 hrs then gave up the ghost , but i hung onto it for yrs after. it was pretty cool
Light gun
Rehcsif | Sep 29, 2009 12:20pm
The pistol did not work by "firing light at targets on your CRT television screen". Rather, it had a photocell inside. When the trigger was pulled, the screen would flash progressively from the top to the bottom. Based on the timing from when the trigger was pulled to when the photocell picked up this flash, it could tell where you were pointed in relation to the screen. It was primitive but fairly effective, and the "flash" on the screen was reasonably believable to have come from the gun.
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