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Popular Electronics

(January 1978)

Front cover of the Popular Electronics, January 1978 issue.Telstar Arcade article in Popular Electronics, January 1978 issue.
This article was a pretty good overview of the electronic games and home video game systems that came out in 1977. One of the consoles pictured was the Telstar Arcade. Below is an excerpt of the Telstar Arcade's portion of the article.
The "Telstar Arcade" from Coleco Industries, Inc., includes "Road Race,""Quick Draw," and "Tennis" on one console.

Info on the Coleco Telstar Arcade Article

Basic information for the Coleco Telstar Arcade article in this publication is listed below.
Magazine Title:
Popular Electronics
January 1978
Original Price:
US $1.99
Kris Jensen
Article Title:
New 1978 Electronic Games
Article page:
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