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Commodore Datasette Tape Drive - 1530 (C2N)

(Commodore International - 1982)

Commodore 1530 C2N Datasette Data Recorder
One of the first storage devices developed for the Commodore family of computers was this model 1530 (C2N) cassette tape drive, it allowed you to store or retrieve data and programs from standard cassette tapes that were readily available just about anywhere.
One of the main staples for any Commodore computer was some type of storage device... whenever you turned off your computer, all of the data and programming was lost. The most popular solution for this was the 1541 floppy disk drive, it allowed you to load programs and games off of disks and save your programs and documents to disk. However, most people could not afford them, so they would get the next best thing... a 1530 (C2N) Datasette cassette tape drive!
It allowed all of the functionality of the 1541 floppy drive, but on a more economical device and the media was simply standard cassette tapes. The tradeoff was a giant hit in speed... the Commodore 1530 Datasette recorder transferred data at an almost painful rate. A large 60k program would take over 20 minutes to load.
This data recorder connected via the tape port on the Commodore 64 and was conveniently powered via the same connection, so no external power supply was required.
But nothing beat the feeling of saving a program to tape and then loading it later to see your creation run for the first time.

Specifications for the Commodore Datasette Tape Drive - 1530 (C2N)

Basic system specifications for the Datasette Tape Drive - 1530 (C2N) are listed below.
Release date:
Original Price:
US $45
Data Transfer Rate:
50 bytes per second
100k per 30 minutes of tape
8"W (203mm) x 6"D (152mm) x 2"H (51mm)
Power Supply:
Powered by the C64 Computer Tape Port

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