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Commodore 64 Ethernet Adapter - 64NIC+

(Cincinnati Commodore Computer Club - 2009)

Commodore 64 Ethernet Adapter 64NIC+
This ethernet adapter allows you to connect your C64 to your LAN and access modern resources including the Internet! Thanks to the Cincinnati Commodore Computer Club releasing this simple to use network adapter can open a whole new range of possibilities for Commodore 64 enthusiasts.
It has always been a dream to connect your C64 to your network or even the Internet, in the past few years, afternarket 3rd parties started developing adapters to enable you to go online with your Commodore computer. Most solutions were convoluted or required you to purchase two separate pieces of EXPENSIVE hardware to be able to access your network... that is, until the Cincinnati Commodore Computer Club developed and released a single, all inclusive ethernet cartridge at an affordable price.
This 64NIC+ ethernet adapter works like a dream and comes bundled with a disk containing some third party programs (WarpCopy, Contiki, GuruTerm) to allow you to interface with PCs on your network or to surf the web.
There are four toggle switches on the side of the NIC, the default position for all of the switches is up (Don't change these unless you know what you are doing).

Switch 1: rr-Net(up)/Standard mode
Switch 2: EPROM off(up)/on
Switch 3: 64(up)/128 mode
Switch 4: IO bank 1(up)/2
I am currently in the process of programming a few web pages for Geek Vintage to be hosted on my Commodore 64 using the Contiki web server and this awesome 64NC+ network card.

Specifications for the 64NIC+ Ethernet Adapter

Basic system specifications for the 64NIC+ LAN cartridge are listed below.
64NIC+ v1.1
Original Price:
US $65
2-5/8"W (67mm) x 3-1/2"L (89mm) x 3/4"H (19mm)
Power Supply:
Powered by the Commodore 64's cartridge port
Data Transfer Rate:
RJ45 (standard network port) and an internal ROM socket

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A Tech Tip
DJ-Zath | Sep 21, 2012 3:22am
For Jeff and Others reading this:

being a 10 BaseT interface, its not going to work with cable modems or routers that don't have "auto-negotiate" (or "auto-seclect") settings active. When using this product, be sure to have the modem/router set up to "auto" or "10 BaseT" (half-duplex) specifically.
Great Product
Jeff | Aug 11, 2012 11:09am
This thing is stupid simple to operate, plug and play. Great product at an amazing price. Works flawlessly only thing I would suggest is it only seems to only work when run through a router and for me hasn't worked when connected directly to the cable modem. Great product and totally worth the money!
Extremely Functional
8 Bit Cowboy | Jan 08, 2010 8:27pm
This extremely functional NIC card is much easier to implement than other solutions like the Retro-Replay and MMC hardware configuration. I was quite happy with mine.
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