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Commodore 64 Donkey Kong Game Cartridge

(Atarisoft - 1983)

Commodore 64 Donkey Kong Cartridge
This port of the iconic arcade gaming legend, Donkey Kong, is one of the better versions in the home gaming arena at the time. It was about as close to the original as any of the 8 bit computers of the time could be. It had all of the levels you would expect from Donkey Kong such as girders, elevators and rivets... and it definitely did not disappoint.
You must move Jumpman (later renamed to Mario) though the construction site to save the damsel, Pauline, from the clutches of the gorilla, Donkey Kong. But it is not easy, as Donkey Kong rolls barrels at you and you must surmount many obstacles to save your love. Bonus items like the sledge hammer allow you to smash oncoming barrels.
Since this version of Donkey Kong so closely mirrored the arcade version, it was easy to get the real feel of the game. I would rate the gameplay for this one at 9-10 and the simple controls at 9-10 as well. If you are looking for great fun on your C64, this one will fit the bill.

Specifications for the Donkey Kong Cartridge

Basic specifications for the Commodore 64 Donkey Kong game cartridge are listed below.
Release date:
Original Price:
US $14.99
2-1/4"W (57mm) x 3"L (76mm) x 1"D (25mm)
Power Supply:
Powered by Commodore 64 computer's cartridge port.
Box Contents:
(1) Donkey Kong Game Cartridge
(1) Donkey Kong Game Instruction Manual

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