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Commodore 64 Pacman Game Cartridge

(Atarisoft - 1983)

Commodore 64 Pacman Cartridge
Pac-Man has become legendary among 1980's gamers and was a staple for all arcades at the time. Who doesn't recognize the yellow ball munching away on dots in a maze, being chased by four relentless ghosts... Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Sue? You can get bonus points by eating fruit and powerups by eating energizers which turn the ghosts dark blue, allowing you to eat them for extra points.
Now for the bad news... not only were the graphics simply terrible in this version of Pacman, but the gameplay was quite lacking. It seems not much effort was put into developing this, and it was almost an insult to such an iconic arcade game.
You won't find yourself playing this video game for very long before you move on to another game. I would rate the gameplay for this one a dismal 4-10 and the controls a 5-10. So my overall rating of 4-10 means you should keep this one out of reach and only own it for it's collectable valuer rather than to play.

Specifications for the Pacman Cartridge

Basic specifications for the Commodore 64 Pacman game cartridge are listed below.
Release date:
Original Price:
US $14.99
2-1/4"W (57mm) x 3"L (76mm) x 1"D (25mm)
Power Supply:
Powered by Commodore 64 computer's cartridge port.
Box Contents:
(1) Pacman Game Cartridge
(1) Pacman Game Instruction Manual

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