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Commodore SX-64 Replacement Keyboard Cable - SX64-KC

(Commodore International - 1983)

Commodore SX-64 keyboard cable.
The keyboard cable for the SX-64 was a straight pass through DB25 with a "Z" shaped connecter on one end designed specifically for the awkward location of the port on the underside of the computer. This cable is one of the most lost pieces of the SX64 and are extremely sought after. My only complaint about the cable is that it is very short and you can't move the keyboard very far away from the SX-64 Portable Color Computer when you are using it.
Be very careful when plugging the cable in, as the plastic shrouds around the cable pins becomes very brittle with age and is easily broken. This will not effect operation of the keyboard but it makes the pins vulnerable to crushing and bending when the cable is not in use.
You can construct a simple replacement cable using a ribbon cable and 2 plastic DB25 connectors. The connector has to be small on the computer end to fit into the awkward keyboard port on the computer itself. It is a straight pass-through cable so nothing fancy has to be done to it.

Specifications for the Commodore SX-64 Replacement Keyboard

Basic specifications for the Commodore SX-64 keyboard are listed below.
Original Price:
US $12.99
DB25 at keyboard, proprietary Z-shaped DB25 at computer (straight pass-through)

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