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Commodore SX-64 Replacement Keyboard - SX64-KB

(Commodore International - 1983)

Commodore SX-64 keyboard front.
The proprietary keyboard for the SX-64 computer doubled as the cover for the unit. It had two spring loaded latches that held it in place while transporting the computer. It featured full size, full stroke keys and was surprisingly comfortable to use, despite it's lack of feet to hold the board at an angle.
The keyboard for the SX64 is one of the most sought after parts for the computer because the keys are specific to the board and not interchangeable with the normal Commodore 64.
Commodore SX-64 keyboard back.
Not only was the keyboard used to interact with the computer, but it was also an integral part of the case. It would snap onto the front of the computer and act as a cover when the computer was not in use. The back of the keyboard was stylized to look like the main CPU case.
I have purchased a couple broken SX-64's in the past just to get the keyboards specifically for the parts.

Specifications for the Commodore SX-64 Replacement Keyboard

Basic specifications for the Commodore SX-64 keyboard are listed below.
Original Price:
US $37.50
DB25 connector
14"(356mm)L x 5"(127mm)W x 1"(25mm)H

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