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Gameplay for the Clown Handheld Game

(Cresta - 1982)
Cresta Clown Handheld LCD ScreenThe game play for the Clown game is pretty fast paced and familiar, as it should be since it is a Qbert clone. The little LCD screen features the center ring of the circus where the clown does his act. There are stacks of boxes and other circus props on the playfield in the bigtop tent.
Just like in the Qbert arcade game, you must jump on all of the boxes in the stack in order to score. But be careful, there are baddies in play as well, if a coiled spring jester lands on you it is curtains!
Movement is a little tricky but once you get used to it it is pretty simple. You move only one space for each time you move the joystick. So if you want to move to the left two spaces you must push the joystick left twice.
When you are not playing the game it defaults to demonstration mode, where it shows the time and the game plays on its own.
Using the mode button you can select time, game or clock setup. I do not have the instructions for the game so it was a little tricky setting up the clock, but I managed to fumble my way through the process. If anyone has an instruction manual they could sell me or scan for me, it would be greatly appreciated.
I played around with this game for a few minutes, and for such a limited game it wasn't too terribly bad. It is all you can expect out of a Qbert clone. All in all, in my personal opinion, I give this game a 7-10 for playability. Now quick, get back to the Bigtop before they notice you are missing!
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