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Gameplay for the Pacman Handheld Game

(Cresta - 1982)
Cresta Pacman Handheld LCD ScreenThe game play for this Pacman game is exciting and hauntingly familiar. The compact LCD screen features the dot covered maze we are all recognize, elements that are identified as hallmarks of any Pacman game.
Just like the original arcade game, you must navigate Pacman through the winding maze, eating dots and running from the ghost monsters. If you can get to the larger power pellets you can temporarily eat the ghosts and sent them back to respawn later.
Movement is a little dicey but once you get used to it it is pretty simple. You move only one space for each time you move the joystick. So if you want to move to the left two spaces you must push the joystick left twice.
When you are not playing the game it defaults to demonstration mode, where it shows the time and the game plays on its own.
Using the mode button you can select time, game or clock setup. I do not have the instructions for the game so it was a little tricky setting up the clock, but I managed to fumble my way through the process. If anyone has an instruction manual they could sell me or scan for me, it would be greatly appreciated.
This version of the popular arcade game will keep you playing for hours, which tells me that it has the playability quality you want in a game packed into such a small unit. The faithfulness to the original game is a positive. So I would have to say that this game rates a 7-10 for playability that you rarely find in a handheld game of the era.
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