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Cresta Pacman Handheld Electronic Game

(Cresta - 1982)
Cresta Pacman Handheld Electronic Game
One of the most overexposed games in the early 1980s was PacMan... everyone had a version of pacman on every gaming console, home computers, electronic tabletops, handhelds, watches and even NASA. Heck, they even made a cartoon series and breakfast cereal based on Pacman. So this was a natural for Cresta to port to their handheld LCD games (this same unit was also released under the brand names Halion and Ectron). Most lcd versions of Pac-Man were epic fails and just had a vague resemblance to the real PacMan gameplay... but I found this incarnation to be passable and a decent homage to the original, even though the maze had to be scaled way back to fit on the tiny playfield.
Even with the screen being so little and hard to see in bright light like most LCD screens, surprisingly, you do get the feel of the original arcade game to make this a playable electronic handheld game. Even on this monochrome LCD you feel the need to eat the power pellets and avoid the ghosts.
As far as the design is concerned, I would have to give this handheld system a passing grade. So for some dot munching fun, you will find that this Pacman game isn't too shabby.
- Erik Schubach

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