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Gameplay for the Super Puck Monster Gakken Tabletop Arcade

(Gakken - 1981)
Super Puck Monster Tabletop Arcade VFD ScreenSince this game is identical to the Coleco Pac Man unit, the game play for Super Puck Monster is just as fast paced and exciting, the small VFD color screen features the maze and dots you have come to expect from the Pac man arcade game it is fashioned after.
Just as in the original arcade game, Super Puck Monster is always hungry and must run through the maze eating dots and power pellets along his way. Just like the Coleco version, the monsters are in the maze too and are out to get you. So you must maneuver your super puck monster through the maze, taking care to avoiding the monsters and get your power ups. Predictably, once your Super Puck Monster eats a power pellet he can then consume the monsters, but like the original Pac Man game, they respawn to start the chase all over again.
Movement is a little tricky but once you get used to it it is a breeze. You move only one space for each time you move the joystick. So if you want to move to the left two spaces you must push the joystick left twice.
A neat aspect of this handheld electronic game is that you can play head to head with a friend. Compete to see who can gobble up the most dots to win!
I played for a couple hours trying to beat my own score. If you are not careful you could sink hours into this little game. The fact that they stayed fairly faithful to the original game should be praised. So overall, in my opinion I give this game a 7-10 for playability.
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