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Super Puck Monster Gakken Tabletop Arcade - Model 81540

(Gakken - 1981)

Super Puck Monster Tabletop Arcade - Front
This nifty little mini arcade cabinet houses a neat little version of one of the most celebrated arcade hits of all time, Pac Man. The egg shaped joystick is easily manipulated and is responsive and auto centers quickly. The small multi-color VFD screen (vacuum fluorescent display) is vivid and bright, but is still big enough to show the action without feeling cramped. The cabinet is constructed of sturdy plastic.
The Super Puck Monster stickers seem to be made of a different material, or use a different glue as they don't suffer the "glue bleed" that is common on the Coleco version. On the Coleco version, the glue that was used to adhere the stickers to the cabinet bleeds through over time, giving the decals a mottled look.
Super Puck Monster Tabletop Arcade - Bottom
The battery compartment below this electronic game unit is easily lost, and has a mini set of instructions adhered to it. It holds four C cell batteries or Gakken's optional Perma Power AC power adapter.

Specifications for the Super Puck Monster Tabletop Arcade

Basic specifications for the Super Puck Monster Gakken Tabletop Arcade handheld electronic game are listed below.
Release date:
Original Price:
US $54.95
(4) alkaline C cell batteries
6.5"W(165mm) x 8"D(203mm) x 8"H(203mm)
Screen Type:
Screen Size:
1-1/2"W (38mm) x 2"H (51mm)

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