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Instruction Manual for the Super Puck Monster Gakken Tabletop Arcade Game

(Gakken - 1981)
Super Puck Monster Gakken Tabletop Arcade Game Manual
It can be frustrating to find a great vintage game like this and not have an inkling about how to play because the instruction manual is missing. I felt the same when I got my first Super Puck Monster Gakken tabletop game, fortunately they print some of the instructions on the battery cover. I attempted to get ahold of Gakken to see if they could supply a scan of the manual but couldn't find a way to contact them.
I still haven't tracked down one that I can scan for preservation sake. If you have one and would like to sell it or provide scans of it so I can post them here, it would be very much appreciated.
I will be posting the scans of the manual here as soon as I am able to locate and scan one... please bear with me.
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