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GCE Vectrex Miscellaneous Items

This is a list of only the miscellaneous GCE Vectrex items in my collection, do not mistake it for a complete list of the odds and ends that are available for the Vectrex arcade system. Select an item below to get more detailed information on it.

GCE Vectrex Carrying Case

(GCE - 1983)
GCE Vectrex Arcade Carrying BagThese carrying cases were only available through the Vectrex owner's club via an order form on the back cover of the Passport...
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GCE Vectrex Dust Cover

(GCE - 1983)
GCE Vectrex Dust CoverLike the Vectrex carrying case, this dust cover was only available through the Vectrex owner's club via an order form on the back cover of the Passport Magazine. The order form's...
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GCE Vectrex Passport Owner's Club Magazine

(GCE - 1983)
GCE Vectrex Passport MagazineThis was the official Vectrex owner's club magazine. Who can forget the vectrex wizard mascot, Vecto? There were articles, tips and tricks as well as a mail in order form for the Vectrex dust...
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GCE Vectrex Magazine Articles

(Miscellaneous Titles)
I have a few magazines from the mid 1980's that mention the GCE Vectrex home arcade and gaming system... as well as a couple advertisements from other publications. I will be placing them here as soon as I get some scanned and cleaned up.
If you know of any magazine articles about the Vectrex that I do not have included here, I would appreciate knowing the publication and issue number so I can locate a copy for myself.
If you want higher resolution scans for preservation purposes of any of these GCE Vectrex articles for your own collection, just drop me a line including the article you want and what file format, and I'll email a copy to you.
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