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GCE Vectrex Home Arcade System

(GCE - 1982)
Vectrex Arcade System
GCE came out with probably the coolest cartridge based home video game system to ever be released in 1982, the Vectrex Arcade System. Not only was it groundbreaking for the time in that it had a built in monitor so you didn't need to hook it up to your TV, but it was the only console that featured a vector based graphics!
GCE Vectrex Control Panel (controller)I was a teenager when the Vectrex home arcade was released but was not able to afford one myself since most of my money was tied up in my computer systems. I played with one at at neighbor's garage sale and thought it was the coolest thing at the time, but I couldn't afford the $25 they wanted for it at the garage sale.
GCE Vectrex Screen OverlaysNot only was the Vectrex the only vector based home arcade system, but each game had a color screen overlay that mounted on the unit to give each game more atmosphere and also gave the system more presence and mystique.
GCE Vectrex AccessoriesThere were other accessories that made the Vectrex that much more desirable such as a novel 3D imager that allowed you to play specially designed games in 3D with a unique headset... and a Light Pen that allowed you to draw and animate vector based creations with other specially designed cartridges.
GCE Vectrex Game BoxGCE didn't stop there, they came out with talking games such as Spike and even released vector ports of some popular arcade games like Pole Position, Space Wars and Star Castle. It seemed the system was bound for greatness and Milton Bradley acquired the rights to the system.
Seeing how popular the Vectrex was becoming, Atari applied some dirty tricks including strong-arming distributors by threatening to pull the Atari line from them if they handled the Vectrex games as well. These antitrust style tactics brought Vectrex sales to a halt, and causing the end of the Vectrex. But it still remains one of my favorite vintage home arcade consoles ever.
- Erik Schubach

My Vectrex Collection

Vectrex Serial Number DB
These are the GCE Vectrex items that I currently have in my personal vintage technology collection. I am always open to sell or trade any of my duplicates. I am also looking for other Vectrex items for my collection... see my wish list below.
Boxed Vectrex Arcade System (x2)
Boxed Vectrex 3D Imager (x1)
Boxed Vectrex Control Panel (x2)
Vectrex Control Panel (x3)
Boxed Vectrex Light Pen (x1)
Boxed AnimAction (x1)
Boxed Armor Attack (x1)
Boxed Art Master (x1)
Boxed Bedlam (x1)
Boxed Berzerk (x1)
Boxed Blitz (x1)
Boxed Clean Sweep (x1)
Boxed Cosmic Chasm (x1)
Boxed 3D Crazy Coaster (x1)
3D Crazy Coaster w/o Color Wheel (x1)
Boxed Fortress of Narzod (x1)
Boxed Heads Up Soccer (x1)
Boxed Hyperchase (x1)
Melody Master (x1)
Boxed 3D Mine Storm with Color Wheel (x1)
3D Mine Storm w/o Color Wheel (x1)
Boxed 3D Narrow Escape With Color Wheel (x1)
3D Narrow Escape w/o Color Wheel (x1)
Boxed Polar Rescue (x1)
Boxed Pole Position (x1)
Boxed Ripoff (x1)
Boxed Scramble (x1)
Boxed Solar Quest (x1)
Boxed Space Wars (x1)
Boxed Spike (x1)
Boxed Spinball (x1)
Boxed Star Castle (x1)
Boxed Star Hawk (x1)
Boxed Star Trek the Motion Picture (x1)
Boxed Web Wars (x1)
Vectrex Carry Case (x1)
Vectrex Dust Cover (x1)
Passport Owner's Club Magazine (x2)

Vectrex Items Wanted

I will buy your GCE Vectrex items. I will pay cash or trade you for the items listed below or anything you do not see in my personal collection listed above. CONTACT ME
Boxed or loose Vectrex 3D Imager
Boxed or loose Vectrex Light Pen
Vectrex Test Cartridge
Minestorm II Cartridge (My Top Priority)
Mr Boston (My Second Priority)
Boxed 3D Minestorm
Boxed 3D Crazy Coaster
Boxed 3D Narrow Escape
Any 3D Game Color Wheel
Any 3D Game Instructions
Any Vectrex Proyotype
Boxed Animaction
Boxed Art Master
Boxed Melody Master
Boxed Pole Position
Boxed Star Castle
Boxed Polar Rescue
Other Items
Passport Owner's Club Magazine
Vectrex Dust Cover
Vectrex Carry Case
Any Vectrex display or advertising items
Any after-market Vectrex items

Vectrex Items For Sale or Trade

These are the GCE Vectrex items that I currently have for sale or trade from my personal vintage technology collection. CONTACT ME
Vectrex Control Panel (x1)
3D Crazy Coaster w/o Color Wheel (x1)
3D Mine Storm w/o Color Wheel (x1)
3D Narrow Escape w/o Color Wheel (x1)
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