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Gameplay for the Burgertime Handheld Game

(Mattel Electronics - 1982)
Mattel Burgertime Handheld LCD ScreenThe game play for the Burger Time game is fast paced and exciting, the small LCD screen features a three level kitchen for your chef, Peter Pepper, to prepare his mouth watering burgers.
Just as in the original arcade game, you must avoid the nasties such as a pickle, egg and hotdog who are out to spoil your meal. If they get to close, you must pepper the bad guys, but beware, you have a limited amount of pepper.
Movement is a little tricky but once you get used to it it is a breeze. You move only one space for each time you move the joystick. So if you want to move to the left two spaces you must push the joystick left twice.
One neat feature is that you can turn the sound off with a switch next to the screen so that you don't bother the people around you, and after an hour or so, the tune starts to get annoying as well, lol. It goes without saying that battery life will be increased greatly by turning the sound off.
The method in which you drop the ingredients down to the next level differs from the original game. Instead of walking over the ingredients, such as a bun, to drop it... you must stand on the ingredient then move the joystick down. This can be a little frustrating when nasties are close by, but it does not detract too much from gameplay.
Just like the in the arcade, you can get bonus pepper shakers by walking under bonus items such as coffee and ice cream when they appear on the screen. And as the difficulty increases as you go through the levels, some ladders become blocked, adding an extra layer of frustration.
I caught myself playing this great little game for hours, indicating to me that it has the addictive quality you want in a game packed into such a small unit. The faithfulness to the original game should be praised. So overall, in my opinion I give this game a solid 8-10 for playability that you rarely find in a vintage handheld game.
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