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Burgertime Handheld Electronic Game - Model 4611

(Mattel Electronics - 1982)

Burgertime Game - Front
This slick little LCD pocket sized Burgertime game is well designed and fits easily in your hands. The joystick is easily manipulated by your right thumb and is responsive and auto centers quickly. Your left thumb operates the pepper button and sound switch. The LCD screen is a little small and wiped out easily by bright ambient light, but is still big enough to show the action without feeling cramped.
The only shortcoming in the design is the recessed ACL (All Clear) button is such a hassle to use. You have to use a pencil or toothpick to press... this will put the system in the battery saving "demonstration mode" and clear the high score.
Burgertime Game - Back
The battery compartment is accessed using a jeweler's screwdriver and holds two LR-44 button batteries. The claim is that the batteries will last "up to a year" between changes, but I have yet to have a set last more than three months. So it is a good idea to take the batteries out if you do not plan on playing the game for a while.

Specifications for the Burgertime Handheld Game

Basic specifications for the Mattel Burgertime handheld electronic game are listed below.
Release date:
Original Price:
US $22.00
(2) LR-44 button batteries
4-3/4"W (121mm) x 3"D (76mm) x 1/2"H (13mm)
Screen Type:
Screen Size:
1-1/2"W (38mm) x 1-7/8"H (48mm)

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blanka | Sep 14, 2011 10:56pm
This Mattel version is so cool. I really love the way they did their own artwork. The real Data East bezel graphics are so old-fashioned. Bandai used the original paintings for their LCD version (this is actually made by Bandai too, the game is exactly the same). To me, the cubism Mattel one is the coolest. After the Bandai VFD version off course, but that is another league. That one is not the size of a floppy 1$ MD hamburger, but more a double wopper!
Burgertime HANDHELD?
Cebus Capucinis | Feb 21, 2010 10:32am
Now it can be TRUE Burger Time all the time with the Burgertime handheld! This handheld is roughly the size of an actual burger and the gameplay is equally delicious! I don't recall a burger having such an annoying array of beeps and boops, however, but fortunately this burger has a sound on/off switch! Huzzah for Burgertime!
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