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Instruction Manual - Dark Tower

(Milton Bradley - 1981)

Dark Tower Game Manual
Don't you just hate when you find a great vintage board game like this and not have a clue what the rules are or how to play because the instruction manual is missing. That was how I felt when I got my first Dark Tower board game. I attempted to contact Milton Bradley to see if they could supply a scan of the manual just to be told that they can't supply one and "try looking online".
So after I located a complete boxed game for my collection, I scanned the manuals for preservation sake. I still have to locate another manual of my own for my incomplete Dark Tower board game.
Click on any of the thumbnail images of the scans to see a PDF file containing the manual you want to see. Be patient, the Dark Tower instruction booklet is around 10mb. I hope this helps all of you collectors with orphaned games out there.
Milton Bradley Dark Tower Manual - Front Cover
Instruction Booklet
Milton Bradley Dark Tower Warranty Registration
Warranty Registration
Milton Bradley Dark Tower Bulb Replacement Instructions
Bulb Replacement Instructions
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