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Parts List - Fireball Island

(Milton Bradley - 1986)

This is a parts list for the Fireball Island so you can check the inventory of your game to be sure it is complete. Every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list, if you find something is inaccurate, please CONTACT ME and I will update this page.
Three Dimensional Game Board (x1)
Explorer Pawn (x4)
Three Piece Idol (x1)
Upper "H" Shaped Bridge (x1)
Lower "A" Shaped Bridge (x1)
Deck Of Cards (x48)
Token (x4)
Fireball Marble (x5)
Red Jewel (x1)
Six Sided Die (x1)
Instruction Manual (x1)
Game Box (x1)
Fireball Island three level game board.Three Dimensional Game Board
This gameboard is the most distinguishing piece of the Fireball Island game. It is a 3D representation of the island complete with trails, mountains and smoldering pits.
Fireball Island player pieces.Explorer Pawns
These four small player pieces are the pawns used to navigate the game. There are four different colored explorers in the game, they are purple, blue, orange and red.
Fireball Island three piece idol.The three piece idol
The Idol of Vul-Kar sits at the top of the island, ready to spit out fireballs down the trails to send unwitting explorers to their fiery doom.

This has to be the coolest piece of the game, it reminds me of the TV show "Tales of the Gold Monkey" and the "Raider's of the Lost Ark" movie for some reason.
Fireball Island upper H shaped bridge.Upper "H" Shaped Bridge
This is the upper bridge near Chasm Peak on the island. You don't want to be caught on this bridge when a fireball comes roaring down the ravine and knocking out the bridge support!
Fireball Island lower A shaped bridge.Lower "A" Shaped Bridge
This is the lower bridge that allows you access to Viper Pass. It may look like smooth going from here to the docks below, but don't get complacent or it could spell your doom!
Fireball Island deck of cards.Deck of Cards
There are 48 action cards for Fireball Island. Each one affects either you, your opponents or even launches a fireball at your unsuspecting victims. No good can come from using or abusing them (insert evil laugh here).
Fireball Island tokens.Token
The tokens are a great thing to have during the game. At any time you can trade your token in for four cards to foil your opponent's plans and turn the tide of the game in your favor.
Fireball Island red lava marbles.Fireball Marble
The red lava fireball marbles are a dark and foreboding blood red or maroon color. They are placed on four different rollways and in the idol of Vul-Kar.
Fireball Island red jewel.Red Jewel
Obtaining the red jewel and escaping the island is the goal of the game. Don't get cocky once you obtain the jewel. It is easily taken away by the other players or a dreaded fireball!
Fireball Island dice.Six Sided Die
What board game from the 1980's would be complete without a six sided dice? The Fireball Island game uses a standard black and white die for player movement.
Fireball Island game instructions.Game Instruction Manual
The rulebook is a fifteen page manual showing the setup of the gameboard and lays out the rules of the game. There are diagrams of the paths as well as tables showing which penalty smoldering pit you are to place your pawn in if you are hit by a fireball.
Fireball Island game box.Game Box
The game box for the Fireball Island has brilliant graphics. It is seriously one of the largest game boxes I have seen for a game from the 1980'S..
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