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Milton Bradley Microvision Electronic Programmable Game System - Model 4952

(Milton Bradley - 1979)

Microvision Hardware
The hand held base unit for the Microvision game system was pretty basic, it was really only a controller and LCD display screen since the actual CPU chips were part of each game cartridge.
Microvision Game System Base Unit
So in reality it was more like a docking station for the games. It provided the user interface for which you could interact with the games.
The Microvision looked pretty odd without a game cartridge installed, as you could see the electronics in the guts of the system.
To today's standards, the unit would seem large, but you have to put into context that this gaming device was made in 1979. It was an engineering marvel and light years ahead of any competition. After all, it was the world's first hand held LCD electronic game system with interchangeable cartridges.
Depending on which manufacturing run the unit came from, it ran off of either one or two 9volt batteries and you could only get about one hour of playtime out of it before the batteries were drained.
Loading Game Cartridges into the Microvision
To insert a cartridge you had to slide in the tabbed end at the top of the game into the slot at the top of the Microvision, then pivot the game down until it snapped into place. To remove the cartridge you had to squeeze the grips on either side near the bottom of the game and pivot up.

Specifications for the Microvision Electronic Programmable Game System

Basic specifications for the Microvision handheld electronic game are listed below.
Release date:
November 1979
Original Price:
US $39.97
(1 or 2) 9v batteries depending on revision
3-1/2"W (89mm) x 9-1/2"L (241mm) x 1-3/8"D (35mm)
Screen Type:
16x16 LCD
Screen Size:
1-1/2"W (38mm) x 1-1/2"H (38mm)
Texas Instruments TMS1100 4bit 100kHz
32 nibbles

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microvision game 4952
jet | Jan 30, 2011 5:19pm
Hi i have this game i got it in 1979 as a gift and as of today 2011 i still have the game in the box still working with a few cartridges
Found my system in parents attic
reign | Jan 09, 2011 2:39pm
Just found my system from when I was a child.I took care of my stuff for a kid and it is in the original box with all the original packing styrofoam as well as the cardboard insert.It has the game booklet and another small ad manual for the other games offered. As I rememd the unit does not work but if I mess with the contrast knob it will beep every so often.Would love to get it repaired and know the value of it.
jboypacman | Apr 21, 2010 3:55pm
Such a interesting system now and for it's time really. I never had a chance to play this wonderful machine but i would of bet it would of just ruled my little corner of the universe as a young man for sure.
| Feb 10, 2010 11:59pm
This was and is the BEST handheld gaming system EVER invented. I want another one NOW, I am on a quest to get one ASAP with BLOCKBUSTER first.... Michael Clemmer
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