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Parts List - Voice of the Mummy

(Milton Bradley - 1971)

This is a parts list for the Voice of the Mummy so you can check the inventory of your game to be sure it is complete. Every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list, if you find something is inaccurate, please CONTACT ME and I will update this page.
Three Level Game Board (x1)
Two Sided Record(x1)
Mummy Sarcophagus Record Player(x1)
Red, Green, Yellow and Blue Explorer (x1 each)
Red, Green, Yellow and Blue Explorer base (x1 each)
Player Temple (x4)
Precious Jewel (x28)
Great Jewel (x1)
Cobra Spell (x1)
Six Sided Die (x1)
Instruction Manual (x1)
Operation of the Record Player Instruction Sheet (x1)
Game Box (x1)
Packaging Foam (x1)
Voice of the Mummy three level game board.Three Level Game Board
One of the many unique things about the Voice of the Mummy is that the game board features a three tier playing surface. It is constructed of foam and has a recessed area for the record player to fit into.
Voice of the Mummy two sided record.Two Sided Record
The small translucent yellow record that contains the voice of the mummy, has ten eerie messages on each side of the record. Side one contains helpful messages but side two contains vengeful messages.
Voice of the Mummy sarcophagus shaped record player.Mummy Sarcophagus Record Player
The extremely cool centerpiece of the VOTM board game is the mini record player that is shaped like a mummy's sarcophagus. The attention to detail on this piece is truly a work of art.
Voice of the Mummy Explorers.Explorer Player Pawns
The tokens used as player pieces in the Voice of the Mummy board game are two female and two male explorers on heavy cardboard. One each, red, green, yellow and blue. They add to the overall feel of the game.
Voice of the Mummy explorer bases.Explorer Bases
The four explorers have color coordinated plastic stands. The explorers fit tightly into the slot on the bases so they don't fall off during normal handling through the course of the game.
Voice of the Mummy Player Temples.Player Temples
The player temples are used as containers to hold the precious jewels you collect as you make your way through the mummy's tomb. They add yet another level of atmosphere to the game making it a fun adventure.
Voice of the Mummy precious jewels.Precious Jewels
There are 28 jewels in the game... only 26 are used. Players collect jewels as they navigate the mummy's tomb. Your jewels will be either red or green. If your jewels are red, the Great Jewel and Cobra will be green or vice-versa.
Voice of the Mummy great jewel.Great Jewel
The gaol of the game is to get this great jewel that is socketed in the mummy's sarcophagus and return it to your starting point. Extra points are awarded to the person that does this.
Voice of the Mummy cursed cobra headpiece.Cursed Cobra Spell
The cursed cobra headpiece is socketed into the mummy's sarcophagus. You want to get rid of it at all costs. If you possess it at the end of the game, you are penalized.
Voice of the Mummy dice.Six Sided Die
What board game from the 1970's would be complete without a six sided dice? The Voice of the Mummy game uses a standard black and white die for player movement.
Voice of the Mummy game instructions.Game Instruction Manual
There are multiple printings of the game instruction manual. The first printing used blue ink and the subsequent printings used black ink. They have no bearing on the game value but game purists prefer the blue.
Voice of the Mummy sarcophagus shaped record player.Operation of the Record Player Instruction Sheet
There was a separate instruction sheet for the operation of the record player. The first printing was in red ink, subsequent printings were in black ink. Red is the preferred color to have.
Voice of the Mummy game box.Game Box
The game box for the Voice of the Mummy had beautiful graphics. The base of the box is surrounded by hieroglyphs and was used as the base for the three-tiered playing surface.
Voice of the Mummy packing foam sheet.Packaging Foam
Some of the later releases of the Voice of the Mummy games came with a packing foam sheet to stop the record player from shifting in the box and to prevent box buckling. Not all boxes contained this, but it is a desirable piece to have to complete your game, but it does not add any value to your games since not all of them were shipped with one.
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