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Voice of the Mummy

(Milton Bradley - 1971)

Voice of the Mummy board game.
Voice of the Mummy was an incredible game that came out in 1971. It was a game that actually talked to you! As a kid in the 1970's it was mind blowing to have the disembodied voice of a mummy speak to you from the tomb to direct the gameplay. That was a truly unique experience and something that has stuck with me all these years!
Voice of the Mummy game.It wasn't only about the voice... the entire Voice of the Mummy game was done first class to make it an experience rather than just a game. Milton Bradley paid attention to every detail. From the three tiered playing surface to the hieroglyph on the sides of the lower box that made up the base to the gameboard. From the ornate sarcophagus that housed the mini record player, to the player temples that held the precious gems you collected along the way, all added to the atmosphere of the game and made it that much more enjoyable to play.
But the keystone to the Voice of the Mummy was the record player. It would give random messages from the mini record to the players as they went along seemingly helpful in nature. Then half way through the game, you would flip the record to side two and then the messages were vengeful and impeded your progress.
Voice of the Mummy tomb closeup.The object of the game was to make your way through the passages of the mummy's tomb, collecting precious gems as you go, to reach the sarcophagus and retrieve the Great Jewel and return to your starting point to win. But along with the Great Jewel there was also the cursed Cobra headpiece. You did not want to finish with the Cobra or you would be penalized.
There wasn't another game on the market that had an actual voice help guide the game. Technologically it was quite an inventive and ingenious mechanical system that allowed for random play, and it was unheard of to have a record player included in a game. Electronics had not progressed enough to do it in any other method at that time.
Voice of the Mummy record player animation.The game took two D cell batteries in earlier versions and only one in later versions (Tough a 2nd battery was still needed only as a spacer... and the record player had tiny a delicate needle that you had to take care not to slam the lid of the record player or you would damage the tip and your game would be unplayable.
So for pure nostalgia value this game can't be beat and the gameplay still holds up today. If you are lucky enough to find a functioning Voice of the Mummy game, you will not be disappointed. I give this game a 9-10 for gameplay and a solid 10-10 for design and execution.

Specifications for the Voice of the Mummy Game

Basic specifications for the Voice of the Mummy board game are listed below.
Release date:
Original Price:
US $15.95
Number of Players:
Suggested Age Range:
7 - Adult
Board Dimensions:
18"L(457mm) x 13"W(330mm)
Box Dimensions:
18"L(457mm) x 13"W(330mm) x 4"D(102mm)
D cell (2x)

My Voice of the Mummy Collection

These are the Milton Bradley Voice of the Mummy board game items that I currently have in my personal vintage gaming collection. I am always open to sell or trade any of my duplicates. I am also looking for other Voice of the Mummy items for my collection... see my wish list below.
Boxed Working Milton Bradley Voice of the Mummy Game (x1)
Boxed Not Working Milton Bradley Voice of the Mummy Game (x3)
Player Temple (x4)
Red Explorer w/Stand (x1)

Voice of the Mummy Items Wanted

I will buy your Voice of the Mummy items. I will pay cash or trade you for the items listed below or anything you do not see in my personal collection listed above. CONTACT ME
Boxed Working Milton Bradley Voice of the Mummy Game
Boxed Not Working Milton Bradley Voice of the Mummy Game
Working/Non Working Voice of the Mummy Record Player
Voice of the Mummy Record
Precious Jewels
Great Jewel
Cobra Headpiece
Voice of the Mummy Instructions
Voice of the Mummy Box
Voice of the Mummy Packing Foam

Voice of the Mummy Items For Sale or Trade

These are the Voice of the Mummy board game items that I currently have for sale/trade from my personal vintage gaming collection. CONTACT ME
Boxed Not Working Milton Bradley Voice of the Mummy Game (x1)
Player Temple (x4)
Red Explorer w/Stand (x1)

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smittytiml | Mar 13, 2014 7:01am
I got this game for Christmas one year in the 70's. Loved it.
Similar modern game
EtownAndy | Aug 07, 2012 6:21pm
If you liked this, you might be interested in The Omega Virus, an electronic talking computerized board game that has you searching a space station to try and knock out a virus that's taken over the computer. It taunts you from time to time, and judges gameplay.
i love the game also
gibsonboy | Jul 21, 2012 4:19pm
i got this game for christmas when i was a kid. i did not understand it then. i got it again as an adult, and i love it. i wish it could come back. i tried looking on youtube to see if anyone posted an old tv commercial of the game. if anyone knows where i can view it or a site that has it. please let me know.
Good memories!
wjudd | May 26, 2012 3:12pm
Fondly remember this game though I remember the record player frequently having issues. Would think M-B could easily re-release this with an MP3 or similar and they might just have a winner. When I see them on eBay I'm sorely tempted but just can't get myself to drop $200......yet.
Have you tasted Blood?
jman | May 17, 2012 8:02am
I will always remember the mmmy asking that question. Fantastic game! I nee dot get a copy.
Great to see others felt the same
grumblesa10 | Nov 12, 2011 8:37am
Yep, same here. Got for Christmas in '71 or '72. Played it A LOT-and it no doubt helped stimulate my lifelong interest in ancient history. I"m thinking with the retro interest in board games, plus families looking for stuff to do-a redo might be in order with MP3/4 video/audio; maybe get some Egyptologists to write some real messages from the Book Of Coming Forth By Day for the gameboard etc. Give it real learning value as well as a blast to play.
Jon | Jun 30, 2011 6:37pm
Have looked for this game for ages! Unfortunately I had the name wrong. This was one of the most favorite Christmas presents that I received as a child. Looking forward to owning a working version!
voicie of the mummy
mgibson | Aug 09, 2010 1:31pm
i had this game as a kid, and never played it the way it was ment to be played. i later bought it again as an adult on ebay, and i love it. i down loaded the instructions, and had it sent to mummyville usa to be repaired and its been great ever since. i hope that one day some one can get their hands on the tv commercial and postis on you tube
Wow! Another SuperFan of Voice of the Mummy
rwburbage | Jun 07, 2010 5:59pm
It's great to hear about another fan of this game. It started in my childhood on 1972. A neighbor picked this game up and wow, it has stayed with me. Anytime you get a change to check out my site dedicated to Voice of the Mummy and Seance! The sequel and Dark tower! Another big favorite! Hope to hear from your soon! Richard Burbage
Technology is SCARY Man!
CebusCapucinis | Feb 21, 2010 10:37am
What? I don't need no board game telling me what to do! I'm going to be a rebel and move my little guy THREE spaces instead of TWO! What do you think of that, Mummy Voice? Yeah, that's what I thought! Not gonna do nothin'....OH GOD IT POPPED OPEN MOMMY HELP ME!

My cousins had this board game and growing up it never failed to scare the crap out of me. The detail on the gameboard is intricate and amazing but clearly the best part is the speaking Mummy! Often the mummy will lead you in the wrong direction or towards your inevitable doom so it was always risky to follow his advice!

I wish more games would have come out along these lines, it was such a neat little idea that was very well implemented!
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