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Game Instructions - Which Witch

(Milton Bradley - 1970)

Which Witch Game Instructions
Don't you just hate when you find a great vintage board game like this and not have a clue what the rules are or how to play because the instructions are printed inside the original box and your box is damaged, leaving the rules unreadable? The instructions for this Which Witch game are printed inside the top of the box and the game assembly instructions are printed on the divider insert. I tried contacting Milton Bradley to see if they had a downloadable PDF or online instructions for the game, just to be told that they "Do not support that game anymore".
So after I located a complete boxed Which Witch game for my collection, I photographed the rules and assembly instructions and have provided them online for historical preservation sake, and to help out people who don't have a complete set of instructions for theirs.
Click on any of the thumbnail images of the pictures to see a large image of the rules and assembly instructions. I hope this helps all of you collectors with orphaned games out there.
Milton Bradley Which Witch Manual - Front Cover
Rules (Inside Box Cover)
Milton Bradley Which Witch Assembly Instructions Printed On Divider Insert
Assembly Instructions (Divider Insert)
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