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Parts List - Which Witch

(Milton Bradley - 1970)

This is a parts list for Which Witch so you can check the inventory of your game to be sure it is complete. Every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list, if you find something is inaccurate, please CONTACT ME and I will update this page.
Game Board (x1)
Spell Cell / Witchin' Kitchen Wall (x1)
Broom Room / Bat's Ballroom Wall (x1)
Chimney / Stairway Wall with Banister (x1)
Red, Green, Yellow and Blue Child Pawn (x1 each)
Red, Green, Yellow and Blue Mouse Pawn (x1 each)
Six Sided Die (x1)
Steel Whammy Ball (x1)
Board Edge Clip (x4)
Chimney Cap (x1)
Chimney Baffle (x1)
Broom (x1)
Broom Axle (x1)
Wall Piece (x1)
Bucket (x1)
Stairs (x1)
Stair Landing (x1)
Floor Piece with Rocker Brace (x1)
Glenda the Good Card (x8)
Wanda the Wicked Card (x5)
Ghoulish Gerty Card (x19)
Game Box with Rules printed Inside Lid(x1)
Box Divider with Assembly Instructions (x1)
Which Witch game board.Game Board
The first release of the Which Witch? game in 1970 came with a one piece gameboard which made the game box very large. Subsequent releases of the game came with a folding gameboard, allowing a more common game box size.
Which Witch spell cell, witchin kitchen wall.Spell Cell / Witchin' Kitchen Wall
This is the two sided upright wall piece for the Spell Cell and the Witchin' Kitchen rooms. It is held in place by the edge clips.
Which Witch broom room, bats ballroom wall.Broom Room / Bat's Ballroom Wall
This is the two sided upright wall piece for the Broom Room and the Bat's Ballroom rooms. It is held in place by the edge clips.
Which Witch Chimney and Staircase WallChimney / Stairway Wall with Banister
This piece forms the chimney and staircase for the game. Be careful, the banister is very thin and breaks off easily.
Child Pawns
Which Witch child pawns.
There are four colored pawns in the game shaped like boys and girls. There are usually two girls and two boys. There are one each in red, blue, green and yellow.
Mouse Pawns
Which Witch mouse pawns.
There are four colored pawns in the game shaped like little mice. There are one each in red, blue, green and yellow.
Which Witch dice.Six Sided Die
What board game from the 1970's would be complete without a six sided dice? The Which Witch game uses a standard black and white die for player movement.
Which Witch steel ball bearing whammy ball.Steel Whammy Ball
This polished steel ball bearing is used as the "whammy ball" that you drop through the chimney to activate the traps. It is easily lost and some people substitute a marble for a lost one.
Which Witch board edge clips.Board Edge Clips
These four small plastic clips are the second most easily lost item in the game. They clip onto the four edges of the board and hold the upright wall pieces in place.
Which Witch chimney cap.Chimney Cap
This is the plastic piece that caps the chimney and holds it in shape. The top of the chimney cap also provides the centered hole to drop the whammy ball through. Remember not to touch the cap when dropping the ball to try to guide it away from a trap you may be standing on... since according to the rules, that's cheating!
Which Witch four chute chimney baffle.Chimney Baffle
The plastic chimney baffle provides the four chutes used to divert the whammy ball to one of the traps on the board. It has a rounded pin in the center used to evenly deflect the ball in one of four random directions. This is quite easily the single most important piece to the game. Without it, none of the traps can operate and you will miss out on the squealing when someone gets snared by a trap and forced to move their pawn back.
Which Witch broom trap.Broom
This is the plastic broom used in the broom trap. When the whammy ball strikes the broom, it swings down and sweeps your pawns back. Forcing you to move back to the entrance of the room.
Which Witch great jewel.Broom Axle
The plastic broom axle is the easiest piece to break in the game so be very careful with it! If by chance you break it... don't despair! A small machine screw with a nut and washer can do the same, it just won't look as cool.
Which Witch flip out wall piece.Wall Piece
This section of wall is the main piece of the flip out wall trap. When the whammy ball lands in the bucket on the other side of the wall this piece flips up, knocking whoever is standing by it, back to the room entrance.
Which Witch bucket for wall trap.Bucket
This is the plastic bucket for the wall trap and it mounts on the opposite side of the wall from the flip up wall piece. When the whammy ball falls in the bucket, the wall trap is activated.
Which Witch stairs.
The plastic stairs are the main component of the final trap. If the whammy ball makes it's way thru the stair chute, the whammy ball bounces it's way down the stairs, bowling over any player pawns in the way. Knocking them back to the stair landing to try again.
Which Witch stair landing.Stair Landing
The plastic stair landing is the anchor point for the stair piece and keeps the banister in place, and stops the whammy ball from rolling off the table. (The banister is very delicate and needs all the help it can get.)
Which Witch packing foam sheet.Floor Piece with Rocker Brace
The floor piece and plastic rocker brace assembly provides the creaky floorboard trap. If the whammy ball comes out of the chimney and lands on the floor trap, any player standing on it must go back to the room entrance... usually accompanied by children squealing.
Which Witch Glenda the Good CardsGlenda the Good Cards
If you draw a Glenda the Good card while you are mouse then Glenda breaks the spell and you replace your mouse pawn with your child pawn and you can once again roll the dice and move along the path through the Witch Works.
Which Witch Wanda the Wicked CardsWanda the Wicked Cards
If you are unlucky enough to draw a Wanda the Wicked card on your turn, she casts a spell and you are transformed into a mouse and you cannot move until you draw a Glenda the Good card to break the spell. You must replace your pawn with a mouse.
Which Witch Ghoulish Gerty CardsGhoulish Gerty Cards
This is the card that causes the most excitement and chaos in the game with giggling and squealing... When you draw a Ghoulish Gerty drops it down the chimney card, you must drop the whammy ball down the chimney to activate a trap at random.
Which Witch game box with rules printed inside.Game Box
The Which Witch game box has the game rules printed inside the lid so they can't get lost. I wish more games were like this, since it is hard to find the rules for obscure vintage games.
Which Witch box divider with assembly instructions.Box Divider with Assembly Instructions
This game box divider plays a dual role... not only does it keep the pieces grouped together, but the assembly instructions are printed on it.
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