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NEC TurboLink Communication Cable

(NEC - 1990)

NEC TurboLink for the TurboExpress
The TurboLink cable allowed you to hook up your TurboExpress to a friend's so that you could enjoy two player action in games that supported collaborative gaming. Falcon was one such game, which allowed you to have head to head air battles with any friend or enemy who had a TurboExpress and a copy of Falcon.
There isn't much to say about this cable... Its usage is pretty straight forward. The communication cable simply plugs into the COM port on each unit and you are ready to go. I do recommend picking one of these cables up, since they are not too spendy, just so you can experience head to head or collaborative play.

Specifications for the NEC TurboLink A/V Adapter

Basic system specifications for the NEC TurboLink A/V Adapter for the TurboExpress are listed below.
Original Price:
US $14.99

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