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NEC TurboVision TV Tuner

(NEC - 1990)

NEC TurboVision for the TurboExpress
The TurboVision TV Tuner accessory for the TurboExpress gives all kinds of additional functionality to the unit. It adds the capability to watch your favorite television shows right on your game system. At the flick of a switch you can switch between your football game and a game of Air Zonk! Unfortunately, now that the USA has abandoned analog TV transmissions for digital, the only way to receive broadcasts is to have a VHF or UHF transmitter hooked to output of your your cable or satellite box.
The TurboVision also has a composite audio/video jack that allows you to use it as a video monitor for anything with RCA audio/video output. How cool is it to be able to play DVD movies or a game from your PS3 or X-Box 360 on your TurboExpress? One thing I have found this useful for is testing things at fleamarkets and garage sales when a monitor is not available.
The telescoping antenna retracts nicely and folds up neatly against the TurboExpress. This was one video game accessory that was pretty cool to have... and it turned your TurboExpress into a gadget that was more useful than just playing games on.

Specifications for the NEC TurboVision TV Tuner

Basic system specifications for the NEC TurboVision TV Tuner for the TurboExpress are listed below.
Original Price:
US $49.99
4"W (102mm) x 1-1/2"D (38mm) x 1-1/2"H (38mm)
Power Supply:
Powered by expansion port on TurboExpress.
Right/Left/Composite Video RCA ports

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