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NEC Turbo Express Portable Game System

(NEC - 1990)
NEC Turbo Express portable video game system
In 1990 NEC released the most advanced portable handheld gaming system of the time. Not only did it have backlit color screen and the ability to act as a monitor using its TurboVision accessory, but it played the entire library of TurboGrafx 16 HuCard games... which was a huge first... a portable being able to play the full line of a full fledged gaming console. NEC was thinking ahead when they thought up the concept of the TurboExpress system.
I simply loved the games available on the TurboGrafx 16 back then, so it was very exciting to know that you could play all of them on a handheld unit. Some of the accessories offset the single drawback to the system, it was a massive battery hog! A set of batteries only powered the system for a little over 3 hours... so NEC released an optional AC power adapter and an optional 12v car adapter to keep you gaming without munching on your precious batteries.
My brother and I had been reminiscing about the TurboGrafx and TurboExpress a couple years ago, so for his birthday, the family all pitched in and bought him a TurboExpress and a few games and accessories so he could re-live the 16 bit glory days!
If you have never experienced gaming on a TurboExpress, I highly recommend it as some of the games still hold up to modern gaming standards, especially some of the sidescroller platformers.
- Erik Schubach

My TurboExpress Collection

These are the Turbo Express items that I currently have in my personal vintage technology collection. I am always open to sell or trade any of my duplicates. I am also looking for other TurboExpress items for my collection... see my wish list below.
Boxed TurboExpress Handheld Console (x1)
Boxed TurboVision (x1)
Boxed TurboExpress AC Adapter (x1)
Boxed TurboLink Cable (x1)
Same list as my TurboGrafx 16

TurboExpress Items Wanted

I will buy your TurboExpress items. I will pay cash or trade you for the items listed below or anything you do not see in my personal collection listed above. CONTACT ME
Boxed or loose TurboExpress Handheld
Boxed or loose TurboVision
Boxed or loose TurboExpress AC Adapter
Boxed or loose TurboLink Cable
Any magazine or book article that features the TurboExpress.

TurboExpress Items For Sale or Trade

These are the TurboExpress items that I currently have for sale or trade from my personal vintage technology collection. CONTACT ME
None at this time.
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