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Promotional Air Zonk Folding Binoculars

(NEC - 1992)

Air Zonk Binoculars - Front
When it comes to fun promotional items, you just can't beat these nifty folding Air Zonk binoculars. They are boldly emblazoned with the likeness of Bonk's alter ego, Air Zonk and the catch prase "Power Up". The bright colors and the charisma that is Air Zonk, give some extra punch to this piece of swag.
The only way that peole could obtain these binoculars was to either get the Holiday Edition of the TurboGrafx 16 or to get pick up one of the promotional swag Air Zomk lunchboxes that were loaded with toys, stickers and fliers at a convention.
Air Zonk Binoculars - Back
These binoculars are a toy and the spacing of the lenses were obviously inteded for kids, but they are still fun for adults who never grew up to play with (like me!). When the binoculars are not being used, they fold up nicely and can be slipped into your pocket or tucked away neatly into your game collection.
Air Zonk Binoculars - Closed
I recommend that if you get a pair, to always store them in the closed position, otherwise dust will get in and it is almost impossible to clean the dust out of the inside of the case.

Specifications for the Air Zonk Binoculars

Basic specifications for the promotional Air Zonk binoculars for the TurboGrafx 16 are listed below.
Original Price:
4"W (102mm) x 3"D (76mm) x 1/2"H (13mm)

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