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Air Zonk Hu Card (Game Cartridge)

(Hudson Soft - 1992)

TurboGrafx Air Zonk Game Cartridge
Air Zonk is a future-ized (so what if I made up the word) cyborg enhanced version of the Bonk caveman mascot of the TurboGrafx game console line.
It is an entertaining side scroller game with a few cool differences from other typical side scrollers of the era. Most notably, besides the cool power ups, Zonk had companion characters that helped you defeat the enemy, all in cute cartoonish fashion.
You would fly around trashing enemies including one boss that happens to be... well... trash.
I would say that the game play for this cartridge rates 9-10, controls 8-10, and overall 9-10. It's a definate must play! You wil easily loose track of time as you spend hours working your way through the entertaining levels of this gaming gem.

Specifications for the TG-16 Air Zonk Game Cartridge

Basic specifications for the NEC TG16 Air Zonk game cartridge are listed below.
Release date:
Original Price:
US $29.99
3-3/8"L (86mm) x 2-1/8"W (54mm) x 1/16"D (2mm)
Power Supply:
Powered by the Turbo Grafx 16 cartridge port.
Box Contents:
(1) Air Zonk game Cartridge
(1) Air Zonk Instruction Manual

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