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Bravoman Hu Card (Game Cartridge)

(NEC - 1990)

TurboGrafx Bravoman Game Cartridge
Bravoman is well... hmmm... weird?!? You play an insurance salesman who was visited by an alien (Alpha Man) who bestows special powers upon you. Namely, telescoping arms, legs and neck. With these powers you must stop Dr. Bomb from using his doomsday weapon.
The comical gameplay is varied. You either battle on land fighting with your extendable appendages or in the water where you transform into a submarine to battle Dr. Bomb's henchmen. Various powerups along the way give super speed, power and invincibility. You have the doublejump capability found in so many games of the 16 bit era... simply hit the jump button at the apex of your jump for an extra little boost.
Interesting concept, but seems a little "been there done that" to me. They just tried to add extendable arms to an overdone theme.
I would say that the game play for this cartridge rates 7-10, controls 7-10, and overall 7-10. While it is fun for a few minutes, you will find yourself slowly getting bored with the repetition of this game.

Specifications for the TG-16 Bravoman Game Cartridge

Basic specifications for the NEC TG16 Bravoman game cartridge are listed below.
Release date:
Original Price:
US $29.99
3-3/8"L (86mm) x 2-1/8"W (54mm) x 1/16"D (2mm)
Power Supply:
Powered by the Turbo Grafx 16 cartridge port.
Box Contents:
(1) Bravoman game Cartridge
(1) Bravoman Instruction Manual

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