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NEC Turbo Grafx 16 Holiday Edition

(NEC - 1990)
NEC Turbo Grafx 16 holiday edition
To compete with other systems that were being deeply discounted for the holiday season, NEC released some special holiday edition TurboGrafx 16 systems. They had already reduced their pricing down to $99.99 previously but were losing traction to other cheaper and less capable systems. This was a common malady in the early wars between gaming systems. People would opt for price over quality... and this type of behavior prematurely ended the lives of many superior systems over the years.
Special holiday edition pricing. The price for the holiday edition was set at $69.99 and some fun bonuses were included in the package. The first bonus piece of promotional swag were the Air Zonk "Power-Up!" toy binoculars and the second were some Bonk promotional stickers. They also included a mail in card for a free game for your TurboGrafx 16. All in all, it was an awesome deal for just under $70!
- Erik Schubach

What's in the Box?

What is packed in the holiday edition box.
TurboGrafx 16 Game Console (x1)
Turbo Pad Game Controller (x1)
AC Power Adapter (x1)
RF TV Switch (x1)
RF Cable (x1)
Instruction Manual (x1)
Warranty Card (x1)
Keith Courage in Alpha Zones Game (x1)
Mail-in card for an Additional Game (x1)
Promotional Air Zonk "Power Up!" Binoculars (x1)
Promotional Bonk Stickers (x1)

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