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NEC TurboPad Game Controller

(NEC - 1989)

NEC TurboPad for the Turbo Grafx 16
There were a variety of controllers released for the TG16 system, but the original Turbo Pad has to be one of the best controllers of the era. Not only is it compact, but the buttons and control pad were responsive and suprisingly comfortable... much more ergonomic than the Commodore 64 controllers I was used to at the time.
It was nice to have a controller that you could control without having to put it on a table or the ground to stop it from moving around as you played. This just enhanced the gameplay since you weren't always fighting the controller as you battled the bad guys and manuvered around obsticle in the video games.
The only other controller I liked for the TG-16 was the TurboStick. Which gave you arcade style controls for arcade type games like Galaga '90.

Specifications for the NEC TurboPad Game Controller

Basic system specifications for the NEC TurboPad Game Controller for the TurboGrafx 16 are listed below.
Original Price:
US $14.99
5-1/2"W (140mm) x 2-1/2"D (64mm) x 3/8"H (10mm)
Power Supply:
Powered by controller port on TG-16 console.

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