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Gameplay for the Sanyo Sound and Game - Basketball

(Sanyo - 1983)
Sanyo Sound and Game Handheld LCD ScreenThe game play for the electronic basketball game that is embedded in the portable portable AM/FM radio is pretty basic. The coach throws you a basketball and you must bounce it in the air over to the hoop and make your shot. The novelty wears off and the game get old fast since there are only about six possible places for your player to stand... and with controls to move only left or right, it gets pretty repetitive.
The controls are simple to use... the mode button selects between the time, game 1 and game 2. I can't tell the difference between games one and two and since I can not locate an instruction manual I may never know the difference. If anyone happens to know this information I would appreciate hearing from you about it.
The sounds generated by the built in speaker in the game portion of the unit is nice and clear, but you have the option of turning the sound off with a switch on the faceplate of the game.
The clock is easy to set by using the recessed set button and is adjusted using the controls on the front of the unit.
I just love the novelty of this portable game system, but the poor playability seriously detracts from the overall impression of the unit. I give the playability a 5-10 but cool factor a solid 7-10. This would make a fun addition to anyone's collection.
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