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Memotech ZX81 Plug-In Keyboard - Keyboard Buffer


Memotech plug-in keyboard and keyboard buffer for the Timex Sinclair 1000
The biggest drawback to the Timex Sinclair 1000 computer is it's tiny membrane keyboard. The Memotech keyboard is the solution to this. With it's full stroke keys and standard size, it makes entering data and interacting with programs, so much easier. The bus connector had a Memopak I/F keyboard buffer on it so you could type at a natural pace and the Sinclair could keep up with you.
In most cases this keyboard worked right out of the box, but in some cases with older memory packs, you would need to be sure to place the keyboard last in your chain of accessories plugged into the computer's bus connector and set the dip switches on the keyboard to "slave".
The membrane keyboard itself is not disabled while the ZX81 Keyboard is connected and either can be utilized for data input... this makes multiplayer, simultaneous play, much easier as eack opponent can use their own keyboard as a controller.

Specifications for the Memotech ZX81 Plug-In Keyboard

Basic specifications for the Timex Sinclair Memotech ZX81 plug-in keyboard are listed below.
Release date:
Original Price:
US $75.00
41, full stroke keys
12"W (305mm) x 5-1/2"D (140mm) x 1-3/4"H (44mm)
bus port memotech i/f keyboard buffer connector
Power Supply:
powered by the computer's bus connector port

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